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"There's a dragon in the garden where the roses grow,
Burnin' down the weeds, and noone goes inside,
With fire in his eyes he guards the gates of paradise..."

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Below the photos you'll find reviews from ManNet on some of my films.
Daddy Does It Best


Bear Cage
CockPit 1 and 2
Pump 'n Lube
Daddy Does It Best
Don't Tease Me
The Hunted House on Sex Hill
L. A. Lust
Major Hardon
Mystery Date
Position Granted
Straight to Bed
What Daddy Wants Daddy Gets
World Splash Orgy 2005
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang

Corbin is decorating his Christmas tree and asks the advice of pal Jack Sanders, who rather snidely teases Corbin about not being able to hang the top ornament. "Short guys just aren't imposing enough." Corbin grabs Jack's crotch and promises to show him just how imposing he can be. The petite beefcake has Jack biting through his jeans and licking his very toned stomach to get to the cock inside. Corbin has quite a sizeable one and Jack gulps it down easily. Corbin is clearly in charge of things, slapping Jack's face with his dick and grinding away at his mouth, but Jack handles it all like a good soldier. Though it's not going to be used, it's worth noting that Corbin has one hell of an ass on him. Corbin sucks Jack's extra large cock with total determination and is pretty much able to deep-throat it, those sexy eyes peering up at his victim with such knowing talent. When Corbin sticks a finger inside Jack, the latter snaps: "Dude, I don't get fucked." Within seconds, Corbin has flipped Jack onto all-fours and is sliding his cock into him. He may not bottom often, but with a sterling top like Corbin, I would bet he'll be doing it again soon. Corbin has oodles of confidence as he opens Jack up with strong thrusts. The camera shoots from the most flattering position, showing how wonderfully hot Corbin is, having nothing to do with his size. By the time Jack is on his back, Corbin has silky easy entry in and out of his ass, so he goes at him with even more power. Corbin dumps a nice load on Jack's stomach and then Jack cums.

Lanky Jack Sanders and blondish Park Wiley are watching a football game, discussing why Jack's wife is upset at his requests for a three-way, and in a very cheeky dialogue session full of obvious puns, Park somehow manages to seduce "straight" Jack into sex. "Lie back!" Park finally commands and fishes Jack's long dick out of his pants. Park eagerly gobbles up it up with great attention. Jack takes to all of this quite well, especially since Park is doing an excellent job. Jack sheepishly asks to try and then gives Park one of his usual proficient deep-throats. Park sits on Jack's dick to get fucked (football still playing in the background on TV), and takes the entire long shaft with each bounce. Jack then fucks Park doggy with hypnotic butt-clenching and hip-grinding of his own. Jack is a top-notch top. He then fucks Park missionary with one burst of energy, noting, "You're a lot of fun!" as he slams at him. Park has a big shot being fucked and Park blows Jack into cumming on his face.

Jack turns out to be an unrelenting top, drilling with focus as Marco takes it all with a bounciness that makes his muscular chest dance.... Jack, however, is a master of position, and manages to climb into quite a few novel ones for the benefit of the viewer. This duo excels at doggy-style, where Jack fucks with an almost full in-and-out style. He ends things by dripping a tasty shot right down the crack of Marco's magnificent melon butt.

Jack gives a hearty blowjob, notable for his hands tickling Abram's balls as it goes along. After Jack rims Abram, Abram rims Jack, and then Abram blows Jack's enormous penis, something his entire face couldn't tackle, but his mouth handles like a true good sport. They 69, with Jack again effortless and Abram having lots of fun fighting Jack's big dick. Jack then sits on Abram to be fucked, with Abram working from below, showing a nice talent and Jack remaining hard the whole time. Jack gets to fuck Abram sideways and since his cock is so much bigger, this fuck has a bit more fun tension.

Jack's is another in the flick's long line of very big throbbing cocks, a real worshipper's fantasy.

Carlo reveals his dick and Jack takes it with the best blow throughout the flick. He amazingly deep-throats all of Carlo's thickness.

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